A Matter of Discretion

Act 4: The King is Dead, Long Live the Kings

Warhammer Act 4 Recap: The King is Dead, Long Live the Kings!


Lorenzo the Bright Mage: Matt
Louis the Agent: Gator Todd
Erowin the Elf Scout: Micah
Coayl the Waywatcher: Todd N

The session opens in the aftermath of the battle by the docks outside the seedy tavern called the Northern Eagle. Garcia Ramirez and Lorenzo drag Coayl and Louis back to Jyossmar’s bookshop and they sleep off their major wounds. After Louis fails to heal much, Lorenzo cauterizes Louis’s wounds. Garcia Ramirez disappears to find his contacts in the Southern Upper Quarter, where he had originally tracked down Valdemar Verukssen.

A messenger arrives with a message from Aelfred. Krovas is destroyed—the Skayven have attacked in a massive ambush from beneath the city. Before mounting a last defense of Shalaya’s temple, Aelfred sent the messenger off to Erengrad to find Jyossmar with the news.

Jyossmar introduces Erowin the Scout, sent by the Wood Elves to join the Society Against Corruption in their Erengrad struggle. Jyossmar explains that having failed to eliminate the King, the party will now have to expect the other champions of the Ruinous powers to make their play for Erengrad. However, the Society does know that there are three ships that are equipped to travel to the Chaos Wastes, and only one guide they know of that can take them there.

Additionally, it seems the Kyazaks are coming in greater and greater numbers to Erengrad, camping outside the walls.

They decide to remove two of the ships from play so that they can more easily guard the remaining ship (and cut down on the chances of success.) Erowin and Louis visit the harbor master and ask him to drydock two of the ships: The Spear Maiden and the Ruinous Folly. He allows himself to be bribed to that purpose.

Meanwhile down on the docks, Coayl and Lorenzo spot a white and lavender carriage, attended by guards, and a servant gets out to make a deal with the Captain of the Spear-Maiden. The passenger is a stunning white-haired woman in a purple gown and a veil. They close the deal and return to the carriage and return to the Upper Quarter. Subsequent investigation reveals that the woman has hired out almost the entire hotel and tavern known as the Hooded Hawk, and that she has a mysterious tall crate by the stables, under constant guard.

Also they see a Kyazak warlord, the Mighty Gahan, striding purposefully around the docks with 20 severed heads (of other Kyazaks) tied to his belt. He seems to be analyzing the harbor and the docks and discussing the docks with the crones and guards who accompany him.

Later that night, Louis and Coayl apply oil and tinder to the drydocked ships and succeed in burning them. Simultaneously, Lorenzo and Erowin visit the Northern Eagle, the bar where the party had originally met Valdemar Verukssen, and bribe the bartender for news of his whereabouts.

Learning he is at a boarding house called Rachel’s, they find the house, and, when they fail to persuade or bribe the serving-girl at the door, Erowin sneaks into the boarding-house and helps Lorenzo climb up to meet him. They explore the rooms and finally find Verukssen passed out in a drunken stupor mumbling in his sleep about the features of the Chaos Wastes and the Inevitable City.

They bring Verukssen back to Jyossmar’s and interrogate him. They suggest he should be their informer, and he tells them all he knows about the woman they saw on the docks, Natasha Markov, a decadent socialite from Kislev City. When he starts raving that they should go now with him, take the Midnight Sun and install one of their own on the Throne of Tears, they decide to eliminate him so that they will put one more roadblock in the path of the Champions of Chaos.

The next day, they take up a stakeout by the Midnight Sun. They see the gallows, upon which the Star Children have been strung up, having been blamed en masse for the strange massacre in the temple of Shalaya.

A city guardsmen comes and tells them that Captain Gyorgy Rasmus would like to have a word with them. They decline on the (fabricated) grounds that they are mercenaries tasked with guarding the Midnight Sun, and the guard tells them he will return. An hour later, he does return with 20 well-armed guards and asks again; the party agrees to present themselves to Rasmus if 5 guards are left to ensure no one goes in or out of the Midnight Sun. It is agreed.

They meet with Rasmus, who tells them that all able-bodied men will be pressed into service tomorrow morning in order to guard against the growing Kyazak numbers. They share some information and share some minimal information about the Chaos Champions, which Rasmus seems not to wholly believe. They agree to meet Rasmus the next morning for assignments.

They consider going to the temple of Shalaya to finish healing Louis, but think better of it since they may need to visit later anyway. They pass the inn called the Hooded Hawk and see a massive line waiting for entrance, featuring musicians, cooks, poets, et cetera. Curious about the crate and the doings in the hotel, they decide to have Louis distract the guards while Erowin investigates the crate. Finding it to be full of beast-man smell, he lights the crate on fire (and the stables promptly goes up too). The burning crate yields an irate minotaur, and the guards flee.

Natasha appeared to see the chaos outside the inn, and was instantly attacked by Lorenzo and Louis. She made her way back into the inn to be protected by her guards while Louis and Erowin tried to shoot her through the inn’s window. The minotaur delivered a deadly blow to Lorenzo, almost leveling him with one shot. When the minotaur was finally immobilized by Coayl and then killed by concentrated missile fire, the King appeared suddenly ambushed Lorenzo with a magical attack. After exchanging several furious spells and blows, the remaining party members managed to destroy the King, whose body split into a pile of vines and grasses before being burned. In the inn, Natasha was slain by Louis, and her body also burned.

Making a hasty retreat from the mayhem, they return to Jyossmar’s shop, where they find Aelfred waiting for them. “Krovas has burned,” he tells them. “Erengrad is the site of the final battle against the forces of Chaos that would venture North. It’s up to us…”


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