A Matter of Discretion

Act 3: The Day the Birds Stopped Singing

Warhammer Act 3 Recap: When the Birds Stopped Singing


Lorenzo- Matt
Garcia Ramirez – Andy
Louis— Todd W AKA “Alligator Todd”
Coayle AKA Coil – Todd N AKA “Newby”

Our adventurers, beat up and barely walking, returned from the Spice Island adventure to the Northern Upper Quarter and Jyossmar’s curio shop. They returned at night, just after sundown.

Upon their return, Jyossmar introduced them to Coayl the Wood Elf waywatcher, who had been sent by his people to aid the Society Against Corruption. Coayl’s people had seen strange movements amongst the beast-men of the forest; they were fighting for supremacy with new urgency, as if their forces would be marshaled soon.

They crashed for the night, Louis and Garcia above in the man room with Lorenzo and Coayle below in the cellar.

During the night, they heard the city guards retaking the areas that had been the center of the rebellion after the food riots; a somewhat direct result of the rebels’ decapitation at the hands of the party in Act 2. There wasn’t much violence as the rebels melted away and the city was again in the hands of the guardsmen.

They noticed in the morning that there were no birds singing or calling at all, a strange portent. They saw gulls still flying, chickens and other things in the market, but no calling, crowing or singing.

Jyossmar researched the question of “Verux” amongst his esoteric ancient tomes, but found no references to it.

In researching Verux, Jyossmar had completed his studies of the Dark Elf scrolls Aelfred had sent on from Krovas, as well as the drawings from the Star Children stone and the other portents witnessed in the North lately, and he was beginning to suspect the event that the Society dreaded most was about to occur—the coronation of a new king of Chaos, the moment that a servant of the Ruinous Powers ascends to the throne, which happens only every 500 years.

The King had escaped and they had very few clues as to his whereabouts.

1. He had been told to “Seek Verux”
2. He had returned to Erengrad on a small boat with a bunch of children.

They were able to track down the boat but it yielded few clues (Though it did have some of the hoods and masks that the sailors and club members wore— a rooster and snake mask to be precise).

The boat was not registered with any customs house, but the party was offered the chance to recover it for a variety of “fees” paid to the docks officials. The party did not need a small skiff and declined to recover it.

After some investigation throughout the city, Garcia Ramirez stumbled across some citizens that were able to identify a man named Valdemar Verukssen, a highly disreputable Norseman known to sometimes scout and guide people into the Chaos Wastes. His frequent hangout was a place known as the Northern Eagle in the Lower Southern docks quarter.

During this time, Lorenzo hired a fortune-teller to augur with the guts of a chicken. She cut open the bird and declared that what he sought was definitely still in the city. When she demanded a silver and he declined to pay it, she cursed him to find “Corruption in addition to what else he had sought!”

They investigated the Northern Eagle, located Verukssen and engaged him in a conversation, offering to hire him. He was already talking to two big Norsemen, who looked like mercenary types. Verukssen told them he had already been hired but they could possibly accompany him on his current assignment if his other client agreed. Louis persuaded him with a Fellowship check to let Louis meet his other client and try to persuade him to allow Louis to accompany him. At this point, Coayl asked Verukssen what ships they would take and Verukssen shared the names he had recommended: The Spear-Maiden, The Midnight Sun and Wilma’s Folly.

(Around this point in the conversation, one of the Holy Wardens in the bar arose to leave the bar and Lorenzo tailed him for a few blocks before watching him disappear around a corner.)

They made arrangements to meet him at the Northern Eagle the following day, in order to meet his client.

The party then determined the plan of having Louis and Garcia go to meet Verukssen and his client, while Coayl snuck in through the back window to provide some surprise reinforcements and block the only exit beside the front door. Meanwhile, Lorenzo would be stationed at some distance from the bar.

However, when Coayl went to sneak in and lay his trap, he noticed that there was a new tree (!) of considerable size planted only a few paces from the front door. This was a bad sign as the King they were seeking was the spawn of a pagan tree-god. When he returned to tell his companions, they hired three laborers to try to chop down the tree. But when they started this action, they found it was dripping strange acidic sap and quickly deserted their jobs.

Garcia and Louis went to their appointment nonetheless and saw the client, a tall skinny youth dressed in finery. They discussed and the youth agreed to share his journey with them. Then he charmed Louis magically and fled the bar. His tree spirit was animated and attacked on his behalf while Valdemar V fled out the backroom’s window ( Coayl had already exited the window to attack the King).

In the ensuing battle, the tree decimated the adventurers as the King fled, burnt and tattered. After knocking out Louis and Coayl, the wounded tree-god was finally overcome by Garcia and Lorenzo, combined with a mob gathering to attack the Chaos monster.

They stumbled back to Jyossmar’s bearing their wounded with the King at large and Chaos already ascending in the North.


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