A Matter of Discretion

Act 5: Showdown for the Throne of Tears

Warhammer Act 5- Showdown for the Throne of Tears

Dramatis Personae:

Louis the Agent- Gator Todd
Lorenzo the Bright Wizard – Kudas
Erowin the Scout—Micah
Garcia Ramirez / Elvis Nixon – Andy

Our final session opens with the characters returning to Jyossmar’s shop and encountering Aelfred, fresh from the destroyed Krovas. He describes the attack of the Skayven, up from the sewers of Krovas, and the plague that had decimated the troops as well as the surprise attack of the Beast-men. Somehow, he entered Erengrad though the Kyazaks are surrounding the town and found his way to Jyossmar’s. (Jyossmar curiously absent). His lean gaunt figure is still wearing tattered bloody armor and a bandage covered the unwithered half of his face.
He tells the party that he has learned what transpires here, and they fill him in on the goings-on (Verukssen, The King, Champion of Slaanesh, etc.) He agrees with Jyossmar that the champions of Chaos will make their stand here in an effort to win passage to the North. He presents the party with a canister of metal, covered by runes, that he was able to salvage from the Temple of Shalaya—he urges them to use this canister, opening up onto the champions of Chaos. After a short discussion, Lorenzo takes possession of the canister.
Note: Lorenzo has passed his Corruption threshold and is starting to mutate, his face tightening and twisting into the beginnings of a bird-beak. Very painful. Too much exposure to Warpstone and travelers of the Chaos Wastes.
They decide to return to take up the guarding of the Midnight Sun again. They find the formerly posted guards deserted their posts. The Captain of the Midnight Sun is panicking that his client (the now-dead Champion of Slaanesh) is not appearing as agreed, and he is out the sum and putting his ship at risk.
Louis approaches the Captain and convinces him that they represent Natasha and should be let on board in her absence to help prepare for her arrival. Garcia takes his leave to get one of his contacts in the city—the same people who helped locate Verukssen in Session 3. He returns with the poet Geoffrey Bluetsheim, a charismatic lame-footed poet, once the toast of Altdorf, who is seeking to return to the Empire aboard this ship, or at least get the Hell out of Erengrad. For a retinue, he has commandeered the services of the Holy Wardens, so he sends for them to come and be on the ship.
Throughout these events, the sky darkens, strange red lightnings start to spark in the sky above Erengrad. Drums and martial chanting is heard around the city as the Kyazaks are preparing to finally invade Erengrad and put its residents to the sword. All able-bodied men have already been commandeered to fight on the walls.
Now the party can hear fighting from the direction of the main gate, as well as see fighting and fire on the Eastern Wall. As they watch, they see a huge figure fighting savagely on the walls—it can only be the barbarian lord they saw in the last adventure, Mighty Gahan, laying about with his sabers. Kyazaks flow down from the Eastern wall and burn the city, making their way to the docks, while the Captain suggests that they immediately leave Erengrad. Lorenzo argues with him.
Gahan marches with his men down to a temple of Mannan the Sea God and moves in with some captured priests. As he sacrifices the priests, a black rain pelts the town, thunder roars over the city.
Seeing that this ritual is not good, the party leaves the ship and charges to the temple in an effort to halt the ritual, but it’s too late.
A massive howling issues from the direction of the bay.. then a tall ship appears, sailing from the mouth of the bay toward the docks, a bleeding ship crewed by the dead, its mainsail bearing a Chaos Star.
The Midnight Sun is firing its guns first at Gahan and his crew, causing them to take cover in the temple, then at the Blood Ship
Seeing the Gahan and his warriors in the temple and reasonably sure that Gahan was the Champion of Khorne, Lorenzo rushed in and opened the canister upon the Kyazak general. A sickly purple vapor issues and envelops Gahan’s head, then he starts to twist, expand, slough flesh and develop rashes, pustules… turning into an oozing fleshy mass on two legs, a definite servant of Nurgle, the Plague Daemon.
This sight is so terrifying that most of Gahan’s henchmen flee and the toll is great upon the party. Sneaking into the temple, Garcia passes out upon seeing the Daemon Champion and taking one attack. There is a short battle where the party grapples with the hideous daemon-thing—but when the summoned Blood Ship docks, the Nurgle-thing turns and makes its way to the ship, shrugging off the attacks and shambling toward the ship. The Scout and Louis chase the creature and when it boards the ship, Louis jumps onto the Bloodship in hot pursuit, drawing his sword and cutting it down!
The Bloodship turns and docks again, the crew howling for Lorenzo to join the ship, to take the place of the Champion who summoned them, to strike out for the Inevitable City! But Lorenzo refuses, mutant though he is, deciding to face a life of hardship, persecution and near-certain death instead—if they can even manage to escape burning Erengrad.
Meanwhile, the Midnight Sun has made its escape and sailed clear of the harbor—Geoffrey Bluetsheim is on his way North to the inevitable City—he is the last Champion of Chaos, the agent of Tzeentch! Garcia Ramirez, was really an assassin, Elvis Nixon, who had infiltrated SACK in order to advance the agenda of a secret society that was gearing up to get its own Champion on the Throne of Tears. The party destroyed four Champions of Chaos and set up Bluetsheim to take the throne. Will he survive the journey with no guide and only three Holy Wardens? Will our party, the erstwhile members of SAC make it out of the burning Erengrad, beset on all side by hooting savage Kyazaks? Will Garcia/Elvis be revealed? We’ll likely never know….


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