A Matter of Discretion

Act 2: Anarchy In Erengrad

Recap Act 2: Anarchy In Erengrad


Todd W: Louis the Agent
M Kudas: Lorenzo the Bright Mage
Andy: Garcia Ramirez, the Investigator
Bryce: Thrak the Pit Fighter

Summary: Now agents of the Greater Imperial Society Against Corruption (GI-SAC), the heroes are dispatched to Erengrad to track the mysterious King, the god-child apparently birthed from a dead witch. After a case of mistaken identity, the heroes tracked the King to an exclusive merchants’ club on Spice Island and thwarted an occult ritual by rich decadent minions of Chaos. The King escaped. The words of the power from Beyond to the King were…”SEEK VERUXX”

Detailed recap:
There was a brief setup in Krovas to get our bearings, do a quick recap: The party had discovered in the last adventure that the King, a strange half-breed prophesied to be born of a witch and a demon had indeed been born in the village of Stregovich and had escaped. Knowing that this prophesied figure would seek to raise an army in the Chaos Wastes and claim his ruinous power, they deduced he would make his way to Erengrad, the nearest port—as he would need both a ship and people to manipulate.

So they commenced the journey to Erengrad. Aelfred advised them to make contact with his old friend Jyossmar, who was also the contact Lorenzo had been given in our last session as a man with a library and access to a certain scroll the Bright Mage was seeking.

The journey to Erengrad was uneventful. Upon arriving, they learned that the town was divided into armed camps because of food riots that had occurred about a month earlier. The Northern Low City was in the hands of the revolutionaries, while the rest of the city was controlled by the city guardsmen. They were informed by Jyossmar of a firebrand named Ivan who had roused the populace to fury with his great speaking; his arrival seemed to coincide with that of the King – so they began to suspect that Ivan was the King in disguise.

The party discovered the square on which Ivan was staying and concocted an elaborate scheme to waste food and start a fire to cause a disturbance… (Note: the exact purpose of this scheme was never clear to me. – the Management) They did succeed in creating a a lot of noise and drawing the attention of Ivan, who strode across the square with his bodyguard. The party quickly struck him down, so quickly in fact that his bodyguards withdrew with no combat and made their quick getaway. However, a small creature did eject from Ivan’s body and scurry away before being incinerated like a rat by Lorenzo; clearly the boy was a mutant.

Investigating the inn in which he had stayed, they discovered the boy had been quite well fed and also pampered with various serving girls. One of these filled them in on the fact that both she and Ivan had once been slaves in a secret club of merchants who practiced their strange arts on a small island outside the bay.

Meanwhile, Jyossmar thought he might be able to locate the scroll that Lorenzo sought, but it would take him one to two days.

A boat was hired from the Southern Low City (at Jyossmar’s advice) and the party attained the island in question, finding a hidden structure carved into a ridge, with a cove hosting a few small skiffs. (The other side of the island was subjected to the relentless, flesh-abusing Chaos Winds from the Northern Wastes). The sailors were hooded and the guards outside the one entrance were black-masked. The party charged and destroyed the guards, the entered the structure, finding the first level to be a dungeon, with a sea-ward portal that allowed the torturers to expose the young prisoners to the Chaos winds, just as Ivan had been.

The adventurers bounded up the stairs to the next level and found simpering merchant princes dallying with their mutated child-slaves, the height of decadence. They put the merchants and the slaves to the sword. Louis was briefly reunited with Anastasia Dubrovnik (from SACK adventure #2). There was one more level at the top of the complex left to be explored.

Crashing through the last door, they discovered an occultist performing a ruinous ritual to commune with the Mad Ones. Four children had been sacrificed while more waited in a pen nearby one—just as they entered, he pushed another into a hellish gash in the fabric of space & time. The party dealt quickly with the occultist but a Chaos form emerged from the space-rip and battled them while the children escaped their pen. The Mad Ones spoke to one of their agents amongst the mad rush out of the room: “SEEK VERRUX!!” After they battled the Chaos Demon, they limped down the stairs to find that one of the children had commandeered a skiff and sailed back to Erengrad proper, leaving the party with only that cryptic hint.


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